The library maintains good stocks of text books and reference covering science and technology, health education and journals. The library provides an excellent study atmosphere for students, teachers and other. DPS library has subscribed various newspaper, magazines and journals. The library is fitted with space for individuals reading and group study.


The computer lab at DPS incorporates industry standard IT facilities. The center has a good numbers of latest series computers connected with high speed networks to provide e-mail and internet facilities. The high speed internet facility for all desk-top sets in the building not only for the research works of students and faculty members but also for efficient administration and management system.
The DPS regularly conducts varieties of programs. This cover topics like-presentation skill, leadership skill, IT skills, guidance, personal tutorials. Report writing and exam technique.
Faculty advisory are readily available to students on a regular basis for counseling and advise. They help students in times of stress relating to skill oriented and academic issue. The school has a unit for this service known as placement and counseling unit. This unit also helps the graduate students for the placement in their related areas.